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Kurtosh – 20B-20C St Pauls Street, Randwick 2031

Kurtosh is a Hungarian bakery and cake shop found at the heart of ‘The Spot’ in Randwick. Specialising in the delicious Hungarian pastries from which it takes its name (Kurtosh), Kurtosh also sells a tempting variety of cakes which are baked in huge slabs and sold by weight. This double-fronted café offers seating inside either in front of the coffee machine or beside the Kurtosh bakery. As Kurtosh is on the quiet end of St Pauls St (aka not in front of the Ritz), there’s also amble seating outside on the footpath.

I visited Kurtosh on a Wednesday afternoon after completing one of my mid-semester exams. Feeling the intense need for cake after spending a few days trying to wrap my head around Corporations Law, I rang my friend Fiona and asked if she wanted to come with me for a much needed sugar hit.  As she’s a cake lover, she jumped at the chance. I met her at The Spot and we wandered into Kurtosh.

After firstly having a (not so) quick peruse of the display containers filled with cakey-deliciousness, and then being distracted by the samples provided on top of the counters, we settled at a table inside in view of the section of the bakery where they make the Kurtosh. Ordering at the counter, I chose a slice of the ‘Blondie’ (two layers of brownie in one – chocolate and choc-hazlenut) and an Earl Grey tea. Fiona grabbed the traditional ‘Mother’s Chocolate Cake’ and a cappuccino.

Our cakes arrived before our drinks, and I was a bit surprised by the amount of cake I had ordered. I had found it hard to judge the amount of cake I was going to get when I was ordering; I could not really tell the relative size of my slice to the massive slab from which it was cut. Nevertheless, I soldiered on with my Blondie, and it was delicious. If it was heated, it would have been even better!

I was also really impressed by the way my tea was served. Tea at Kurtosh is served the way tea should be served in cafes. The pot was a gorgeous rough-white china, with brown accents, reminiscent of the 1970s (at least how I view the 1970s). The teacup and saucer were mis-matched blue and purple, and my milk came in the most gorgeous little milk bottle that fitted inside my cup. Even my teaspoon felt special and vintage. When I say that cafes can and should take more effort in their tea presentation, this is what I mean!

My pot, which was quite large, gave four cups of tea. The Earl Grey, although not spectacular, was the perfect strength; there was just the right amount of tealeaves under the lid. Like I have said earlier, I’m on a bit of a bergamot kick at the moment and I think this tea could have had more punch to it. Nevertheless it was quite enjoyable. I was also a bit disappointed to find that there was no tea menu, nor was there any real indication of what teas were available. I'm hoping that Kurtosh stocks some exciting blends, and on my next trip here, I’ll make sure to ask.

Unknown; no menu available. My tea and slice of cake came to about $8

Tea: 7/10
Nice flavour, perfect strength. Barista knows what they’re doing with the leaf

Pot: 9/10
Cute and retro, the pot was also quite large and generous – I got four cups of tea out of it!

Ambience, etc: 8/10
Relaxed atmosphere, yummy cakes, happy staff. I loved the retro touches everywhere, from the water bottles (old milk bottles) to the funky furniture.

Overall score: 24/30

MissTea xoxo

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(02) 9399 8412

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