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The Sweet Spot Patisserie

The Sweet Spot Patisserie – 18 Perouse Rd, Randwick 2031
The Sweet Spot
The Sweet Spot is a large café located at ‘The Spot’ in Randwick. It specialises in cakes and pastries, and has quite an impressive (and delicious looking) display in glass cabinets at the counter, as well as in some smaller cabinets along the back walls. Recently renovated, The Sweet Spot sports a ‘shabby chic’ décor – lots of whites, pastels, and dark woods. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Inside, the tables are marble-topped with wrought iron legs. Diners sit on dark wooden chairs or comfy ottomans.

Tea and macaroons
I went to The Sweet Spot on a wet and cold Tuesday afternoon, looking for a café where I could sit for an hour or so and read without being too bothered by wait staff. I went to the counter and ordered an Earl Grey tea with no milk. I made an educated guess ordering the Earl Grey – there was no menu or any other indication of what teas were served, or even what price they were, that I would see. Feeling naughty I also ordered two macaroons – salted caramel, which the waiter assured me was the best flavour (he was right!), and a raspberry one. He gave me a number and I took a seat inside on the benches facing the counter.

Madura tea
My tea came very quickly – within 5 minutes, and my macaroons came soon after. I was disappointed to find that I was given a tea bag. The tea was Madura which is not too bad as a brand generally (I drink it at home), however not so impressive for a cafe. On the plus side, it could have been worse - it could have been Twinings. The pot was quite small; I managed to squeeze two cups of tea out of it, but this was probably a reflection on the size on the cup, which was also on the small size. The pot also didn’t spill when I poured it. The tea was a bit strong towards the end, however I probably should have taken the tea bag out. My tea also didn’t come with milk, which shows the waiter listened to my order.

I finished my tea quite quickly and sat quite happily without being disturbed. This was exactly what I was looking for however I think also probably a reflection on the fact that the café was extremely quiet. My plates also weren’t cleared after I had finished my tea and macaroons, however I think that if they had been taken away I would have felt pressured to leave.

Overall, my trip to The Sweet Spot was quite enjoyable. I got what I was looking for (not being disturbed) and my macaroons were delicious. I was, however, a bit disappointed in the quality of the tea. If I was served a more gourmet brand, or loose leaf tea, my experience would have been much improved.

Tea: 6/10
Madura tea. A bit disappointing for a cafe.

Tea Pots: 6/10
Average pot, on the small side. No spillage.

Service, Ambience, etc: 7/10
Good service at the counter. Waiters did not bother me while I was sitting and reading. Great selection of cakes and biscuits. Delicious macaroons.


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